WPC is excited to coordinate with the Wisconsin Council of Churches (WCC) and with The Lutheran Social Services (LSS) assist an Afghan refugee family as they resettle in our area. Please check back here often for updates as this program continues to develop.

To help to coordinate efforts at WPC, a three-person task force has been established. Petra Kolo and Jane Martell are working closely together to review and accept donations and the collaboration with LSS. Pat Klemmer is coordinating volunteers who are able to do hands-on work in the home (see below). Depending upon how busy we become, we may reach out to the congregation for additional help in areas to be determined. 


Articles about the program from The Joyful Noise

When Do We Start? Now!

Lutheran Social Services will secure homes for families of different sizes (could be 3-6 members), and will rely on local churches to prepare the homes for move-in. While we wait to hear from LSS, we are collecting donations in anticipation of move-in day. At the time of contact, we’ll find out about the location of the home, the size of the family who is moving in, and what exactly will be needed before the move-in can happen. The home most likely will need furnishing, may need some minor repairs, may need some cleaning, may need painting. It is likely that we will only have a 2-week window to get everything done, and this is one of the big challenges our team will face, so we are also actively recruiting volunteers to help with the variety of tasks that will need to be accomplished in a short period of time.

How Can You Help?

  • Donate -  please consider donating gently used or new household items and furniture according to the LSS Resettlement Home Supply List (see sidebar). We also accept monetary donations through our giving page or by check, just write “Afghanistan” in the memo . Contact Petra (, Jane (, or the church office listing the items you would like to donate so that we can keep track. Feel free to include a picture of the item(s) for us to review. If you need help transporting the item(s) you wish to donate, let us know and we'll coordinate with one of the transport volunteers.
  • Transport Volunteer - If you are able to help transport donations to the church for storage in Knox Hall, and possibly to the refugee home when it's time, please contact us. 
  • Volunteer Pool - We will rely on volunteers to prepare the home for move-in. It is likely that we will only have a 2-week window to get everything done, and this is one of the big challenges our team will face. We hope to have some dedicated volunteers who can help out at short notice. Youth are strongly encouraged to volunteer! Contact Pat Klemmer (pklemmer@wi.rr.comor the church office to be added to a list of people standing at the ready when the call comes. Preparing the home may include any combination of the following: Minor repairs, vacuum clean, mopping, cleaning cabinets, maybe painting.  More volunteer opportunities to interact with Afghan refugees will be available once they have settled in the Milwaukee area.
  • Learn - We are assembling resources to continue learning about Afghan culture, the refugees themselves, and this moment we find ourselves in. Please take some time to review the suggested reading materials on our book list, check out the WCC website, or just find Afghanistan on a map. If you have suggestions of additional resources that would be useful to WPC members as we journey alongside our Afghan brothers and sisters, please contact any member of the task force or the church office.