Christian Education

As people of faith, we bring our questions, prayers and stories into communal study, learning and conversation. Throughout the year, we gather together to explore God’s word and God’s work in our world. 

***New Virtual Bible Study***

New start date: Wednesday, October 14th at 10:00am


(Click to access meeting, passcode BIBLE)

  • Adult Bible Study (Click image to access meeting)

    Pastor Brett is excited to begin a new mid-week Bible Study entitled Wednesdays at Ten (so everybody remembers when we will gather) to explore the Scriptures and spend some time together! 

    Lasting one hour, Wednesdays at Ten is a new Bible Study inspired by our church-wide WPC Better Together initiative.

    Join Pastor Brett and friends from WPC and explore what it means to be “better together” during this time of separation as we explore the Biblical characters we each need in our lives. We'll meet men and women like Jonathan - a true friend to King David - and the Prophet and Judge, Deborah, who can cover your back when you stumble. Each of the Biblical characters we will explore helps us see the indispensable relationships we need to truly be better together. 

    Join us on Wednesdays via Zoom from 10-11:00am (Click image to access). 

    Meeting ID: 890 4113 7566

    Passcode: BIBLE

  • Adult Enrichment

  • Sunday School

    During the school year, we offer Sunday School classes for youngsters ranging from pre-kindergarten to high school seniors. Our teachers engage children and teens in stories and lessons from the Bible and our Reformed Presbyterian heritage. Through drama and music, our children frequently participate in regular and special worship services. Typically our young people are confirmed around ninth grade.

Vacation Bible School

During the summer, we offer a week of Vacation Bible School that is truly a labor of love for our church. We welcome children from three years old (diaper-free!) through those who just completed the 5th grade. Older kids and adults are encouraged to volunteer. Parents, grandparents, college kids home on break – everyone helps out to bring a week of fun, play, music and learning about Jesus to children of our church and the surrounding community. VBS is great fun no matter what your age!