Sunday School

This is one layout we might use if you wanted to have each lesson laid out with its corresponding resources.  Or, maybe you use this page as an overview of the program and each of the levels has their own password-protected page for participants to access.  See my two examples for what I mean, below:

  • Sunday, October 3rd: The Mustard Seed

    Lesson Theme: The kingdom of heaven is right in front of us—bigger, better, wilder, and more surprising than we could ever imagine. 

    The Mustard Seed Family Page
    Leaf and Crayon Art

    The lesson video could be linked to the image at left, or embedded below:

  • Sunday, October 10th: Jesus and the children

    This would follow the same format as above.

    OR, if this page is the program overview, it might look like this:

  • RAINBOW ROOM (Age 3 - 1st Grade)

    The Rainbow Room is for our youngest CE participants . . . more info here . . . students, please click above to access your classroom.

  • Knox (2nd grade - 4th grade)

    Info about Knox, and the title would link to a separate page for those students.