October 4th


The music during communion is an arrangement of a hymn, “Salaam/Peace.” Both the music and words were written by Manal Samir, an Egyptian composer, Christian pastor and recording artist. 


Katherine Kennicott Davis (b. St. Joseph, MO, 1892; d. Concord, MA, 1980) studied at Wellesley College, Wellesley, Massachusetts, where she was also a teaching assistant in music. One of her most popular songs is "The Little Drummer Boy," originally called "Carol of the Drum" (1941). She wrote the text of “Let All Things Now Living” to go with a well known Welsh melody (The Ash Grove). 1921 to 1929 she taught singing and piano in private schools in Concord, Massachusetts, and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After 1929 she devoted herself largely to music composition. She wrote some eight hundred pieces, most of which were choral (often writing under several pseudonyms).


Today’s postlude, “God Created Heaven and Earth,” is an arrangement of a Taiwanese hymn written by Milwaukee’s own Jayne Latva. Ms. Latva is a freelance pianist and organist, and she serves as keyboard accompanist for the Master Singers of Milwaukee. She holds a doctorate in Piano Literature and Pedagogy from Indiana University.