The prelude, "Duo," was composed by Elisabeth von Herzogenberg (1847-1892), an Austrian pianist, composer and singer.  Her earliest studies were with an organist, and she briefly studied piano with Johannes Brahms.  

A member of an aristocratic family and married to a composer, Ms. von Herzogenberg did not perform publicly, and was known primarily for her arrangements of children’s songs.  Her compositions for keyboard were published only after her death at age 44, with the help of Brahms.


The postlude, "March in D," was written by Elizabeth Turner (1700 - 1756). She is one of the first English female composers whose work was published.  A well-regarded soprano, she wrote both popular songs and harpsichord music.

Today’s postlude is adapted from a set of six pieces for harpsichord published in 1756. The same year, she published a volume of 19 songs.