Available Forms of Giving

There are many ways to donate to the Firm Foundation Capital Appeal, including cash, check, debit/credit cards, online payments (one-time and recurring), and by ach payments from your bank account.  ACH payments are the preferred method, as the costs to process the donations are lower and more of the donation to be put to work.  For questions regarding online giving, see our FAQ page!


Donations may also be made via non-traditional methods including gifts of Stock, Bequests (specific bequest of cash or other assets in a will or revocable trust), Distributions from Retirement Accounts, or Split Interest Gifts (charitable lead trusts, charitable remainder trusts, and charitable gift annuities).  Because there may be income tax and/or estate tax benefits from some of these non-traditional giving options, it is best to discuss options with an estate planning attorney, tax accountant, or other professional advisor.  If interested in any of the non-traditional methods, plan to attend an Estate Planning presentation by Jim Guckenberg on May 1st, 2022 following worship.


Please contact Cindy Thomas in the church office at 414-774-5005 or via e-mail at officemgr@tosapres.com for more information or specific questions.

how will funds from the capital appeal be utilized?

We pray together, Lord, what would you do through me to accomplish Your will in my church?

Wauwatosa Presbyterian is blessed with facilities that continue to be a blessing to me, to our family of faith, and our community.  Saints who have given generously and reliably over the years have provided us a firm foundation capable of supporting a bright future, perhaps our brightest yet.  We seek to illuminate the places of this world needing the Light, as evidenced both by our mission and by our plans for an updated sanctuary lighting system.  We seek to expand our commitment of welcome and love by fostering a place any and all of God's Children can call home.  Currently we cannot claim as much.  Yet the foundations given to us by previous generosity and generations have fostered a dream whereby a renovated Fellowship Hall stage becomes an accessible classroom and an updated storage space.  While it is true that we cannot claim a place for all of God's children today, that place is starting to take shape.  Your generous additions to the foundations provided for us mean that claim will mature in just a matter of tomorrows.

- Rev. Brett Swanson