In our 11th season, Divine Intervention Ministry to the Homeless has pivoted during this Covid time to meet current needs.  Your support makes this possible. So, while our Warming Room will not operate as usual, we have expanded our SOS meals, started Hungry Hearts Community Meals, and continue Larry Under The all year round now.  We are working with the CoC to assess and place those newly without homes in shelters when possible given spacing concerns and into hotels, boarding houses, and apartments directly.  This means our Project Home ministry to furnish those newly placed is key this year. 

​If you would like to volunteer, please contact us at​


Your support makes ministry happen...we are so grateful!

$10 - Socks and Gloves to survive the cold days for LUTB

$10 – Bus tickets to appointments, work

$15 – Blankets, sheets, pillows, towels for someone newly placed in apartment via Project Home

$15 – Basic need supplies to those camping in the woods ie. toilet paper, hand-warmers, wipes for LUTB

$20 – Sweat pants and shirts for LUTB

$25 – Meal support to feed those hungry through our SOS ministry

$25 – Household cleaning items for someone newly placed in apartment

via Project Home

$50 – Support of workforce development stipend and safe sanctuary for an intern moving out of homelessness

$100- Pastoral Care and Support Services this season for those we serve and our Volunteers

Priceless – YOUR  Intentional Prayers