Capuchin Community Services is one ministry with two sites and two related missions. At the House of Peace our mission is to keep families together and help people who are struggling remain in their homes. At Saint Ben’s Community Meal our ministry provides a place of support, comfort, and hospitality for people who are struggling with poverty and lack of resources, many of whom experience housing instability.

CCS is volunteer-driven and site-specific, and its ministries are places of connection where the works of mercy are shared between those who have and those who need. We all have gifts, and we all have needs, and these realities are shared in beautiful ways at the HOP and Saint Ben’s. The House of Peace offers the only emergency food pantry in the city that is open five days a week, and provides support for families through its Clothing Closet and participation in the Strong Babies Sanctuary network.

Saint Ben’s has hosted a community meal since 1970, and in the years since the meal began has expanded its services to include a winter Warming Center, a social worker, laundromat, showers with a change of clothes, and supportive services for people with chronic health issues. 


We have been obliged to make changes since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. We continue to serve and to plan for a world where needs will likely rise. As people of faith we also believe that the desire to help will also increase, as we respond to the call to be brother and sister to one another.

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